The Direct Sales Mobile App to Increase Revenue and Retention

  • Onboard new distributors
  • Engage Current Distributors
  • Ongoing Growth, Increase Sales, Reduce Attrition

Stop Losing Distributors

We take all your tasks and organize them in an
easy to interact way.

Gamification and Training

Influence distributors behavior with gamification.

Gamification is the concept of applying game mechanics and game design techniques to engage and motivate people to achieve their goals

In direct sales, most distributors won’t promote their business because they don’t know what to do. With the correct onboarding process you can guide any distributor to an specific set of tasks that once completed can lead to success.

Finally – Actionable Data To Your Distributors

  • What are the action steps needed to advance rank?
  • Are they qualified and active for the month?
  • How many of their personally sponsored team members have not placed an order in 30, 60 or 90 day?
  • How many customers purchased a second time?
  • What are the key activities they can do now to accelerate their business?

We can show all the data and provide the action steps to take and grow their business!

Lead Generation

Our system can notify when a lead visited their page, how much of the video they watched or if the lead is ready to sign up and much more.

Real segmentation happens in real time.

Distributors can segment leads based on the actions they took on their landing page.

  • If they watched the video.
  • If they didn’t watch the video.
  • If they watched the video but did not finish it.
  • What they read.
  • How long they stay on the page.

Based on this data your distributors can take the appropriate action steps to move forward. 

Landing Pages

Help your distributors get more prospects with a customizable landing page.

Your distributors will love you because they will get more prospects in their funnel.

These landing pages help your distributors have “mini sites” where the main focus is generate a lead.


Promote Your Brand

With our direct sales mobile app, you have full control of the app. Your distributors will experience the app as an extension of your brand and not a stand alone product.

You can specify which distributors can receive notifications. You can select specific training for certain ranks.

Want to give special prizes, awards or set of tasks to a specific group? You now can.

We did the hard work to make it simple to you.

App Notifications for Direct Sales Companies

Recent studies show that App notifications have 30 to 60% open rate.

Communicate with your field instantly and effectively. Send special announcements, promotions, tasks or congratulate them for a good month.

App notifications increases engagement exponentially. This feature changes everything!

Different User Experiences

Forget about one size fits all.

New and seasoned users require a different user experience with your brand. What about a hostess? Or a retail customer? With old technology, it was impossible to segment users based on your requirements.

Now, Krato makes it possible with the most innovative technology so you can provide specific experience to different users.

Social Media Matters

Would you like to provide branded content for your distributors to easily share on social media?

How about motivating your distributors to create an impactful social presence using your marketing assets that are consistent with your brand?

You can do all of this and more with Krato.


Provide pre-made content giving your distributors confidence in their prospecting efforts.

Emails and Text messages now come with the right message at the right time to maximize success. 

Over 1.4 Million Lines of Code!

We think it’s important for you to know not only have we deployed over 1.4 million lines of code, we are adding more daily. Innovation is the core of our App.

We continuously update our Journey App with new features and toolsets to keep your company on the leading edge of new technology development.


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