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Custom mobile app: Unleash distributor potential!

  • Boost distributor performance.
  • Maximize revenue with consistent follow-up.
  • Provide convenient content-sharing options.
  • Keep distributors informed with insights.
  • Prioritize retention through notifications.
  • Empower distributors with training.

A robust toolset propels growth, guiding you to the next level.

The Direct Sales Solution Customized To Your Business!

Our mobile app comes ready with 80% of the code written, allowing you to allocate the remaining 20% for customization.

Experience a feature-rich app equipped with cutting-edge tools, empowering you to overcome challenges, elevate your business, and boost sales.

You have ownership of the code, guaranteeing full autonomy and flexibility for customization.

Maximize your business with tools that drive sales

Intelligent Notifications

Automated push notifications seamlessly integrated with data.



Customer follow-up and push notifications.



Company and industry training that distributors can earn points and rewards for completing.



Engage with customers and provide a unique customized experience.



Organize data so distributors can take action and sell more.



Utilizing advanced analytics, we prioritize follow-up to convert prospects into customers.

Every piece of Krato’s innovative solution is designed and tested specifically for your business.

Executive Data Dashboards: Elevating E-commerce Insights for Informed Decision-Making

With our extensive experience in e-commerce, our team has created executive data dashboards that combine information provided by your CRM, mobile app, and other systems.

Our diverse range of dashboards enhances business efficiency, making it easy and simple to navigate for informed decision-making.

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We are a custom software development shop that can help you build your own intellectual property.

Our team of developers specializes in emerging technologies and new programming languages. We are passionate about providing talented developers to work quickly and efficiently, bringing your creative ideas to life and/or managing your technology.

We are always on the lookout for the next big thing. So, if you have an innovative idea, we’re your go-to team.

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