Why We’re Different

Krato solves the biggest problems in the industry by helping founders and their sales teams connect with their distributors, hostesses and customers more conveniently than ever. Not only do we make communication easier, but we make training distributors a snap by using gamification elements that keep them engaged and turn selling into play.

Our founding team is led by Brian Palmer, who has spent years building solutions for the direct selling industry using his own past experience as a business owner. Most recently, as CEO of South Hill Designs, he created successful tools and training to grow to more than $33M in revenue per year.  

Krato’s philosophy is one of practicality. After diving deeply into the direct selling community and getting a feel for what entrepreneurs really needed, our founding team realized that there are persistent problems that all direct selling companies have in common. In direct selling, one of the biggest challenges is distributor training and growth. How do you keep distributors interested—in a world of constant distraction? How do you help distributors reach their audience and communicate their message more loudly than anyone else?

The answer was the Journey Mobile App, which breaks down the difficult journey of learning how to sell into bite-sized pieces that distributors can handle. Instead of a large, overwhelming quest ahead of them, they can easily complete one step at a time and turn their business venture into a fun game. Distributors are then much more likely to stay the course and continue to bring in revenue over the months and years.

Journey also streamlines communications from you to distributors and customers by allowing you to conveniently send automatic text notifications. This keeps distributors engaged and end-users happy. It organizes the otherwise complex process of keeping in touch.

More importantly, Krato offers distributors and founders alike a wealth of analytics. The more information they have, the faster they can grow!

Corporate Experience

Our leadership team has real world experience in the direct selling industry, which translates directly into our understanding of our customers’ challenges. We are uniquely positioned to combine industry expertise with high levels of technical competence. Krato leverages technology to help you make the best out of your business.

Technical Innovation

Our solution architecture was created through years of experience building impactful software for some of the largest companies in the world. We not only know what works from a technical perspective, we know what works in the real world and have tested it over and over.