Why We’re Different

Krato is a progressive company that was built by identifying and fitting together technologies that are essential to meeting the unique challenges of the Direct Selling industry. 

Our founding team is led by Brian Palmer, who has spent years building solutions using these same principles. Most recently, as CEO of South Hill Designs, he created successful tools and training to grow to more than $33M in revenue per year.  

After talking with Direct Selling entrepreneurs, our founding team realized that although Direct Selling companies have different target audiences as well as different products, they share similar challenges in distributor training and growth. Born of this realization was the Journey Mobile App and KPI Dashboard. 

Corporate Experience

Our leadership teams experience in direct selling translates directly to our understanding of the challenges in the industry. We are uniquely positioned to combine industry expertise with our results driven development mission. 

Technical Innovation

Our solution architecture was created with our years of experience building impactful software for some of the largest companies in the world. We not only know what works from a technical perspective, we know what works with distributors organizations.