A selling system is the blueprint to building success between a salesperson and the customer. But what is a selling system? It’s a duplicatable system that is easy for distributors to follow and reaps tremendous rewards for them, as well as your company.

We suggest focusing on at least one key element of your selling system as you build it. But to take it two steps further, we think it is best to focus on three.

Why Three?

There is strength in the number three. We are taught from an early age the power of three; Goldilocks and the Three Bears, the ABCs and the 123s. Breaking up your selling system into three equal parts makes it easy for distributors to understand, feel comfortable jumping right in, and can easily be taught to others.

Building Your 3-Part Selling System

Starting with three essential parts makes it easy to remember and transferable when teaching others. We like Sample, Share, Subscribe. But perhaps, sampling is not a component of your business so you need to leverage a different customer asset. When choosing a 3-Part Selling System it is important to follow a specific equation; two parts customer acquisition with one-part customer loyalty.



Providing a product sample helps to eliminate excess marketing and allows the customer to try a product. The customer will be able to try the product, see the benefits, and decide if the product is right for them before they are really ready for the investment in your products. Once they try the product, they will feel confident in future purchases which can lead to more products being purchased initially.

Sampling is usually done in two ways; person-to-person or a company sends the sample directly to the customer on the distributor’s behalf. Many companies don’t have the ability to send out individual physical samples, so utilizing a sample program that is built around person-to-person would be most effective with great results. Once the sample is shared, the distributor enters the potential customer’s email which should be followed-up with marketing treatments. Sampling is so effective because it allows the customer to try the product and is a great way to get the conversation going about your products. Most people will not say “no” to a free sample!


Quizzing technology has become one of the best tools to reach new prospects. By asking a series of questions, you are better able to provide them with products that best match their individual needs, and it allows you to interact directly with your customer in a conversation relevant to your products. By engaging with them through quizzing, they feel like their needs are being met, a stronger connection with your company, and you can customize the experience to suit them.

The most successful modes of quizzing focus on solutions for the customer, and make it fun and rewarding. Once you have a quiz in place, you can connect the lead data to your email and marketing systems so when your distributor gets a lead from a quiz, the rest of your selling system kicks into gear.


Couponing is a discounting methodology centered around the capability to share a discount with potential leads making it enticing to try your product. Distributors will feel confident having something to offer a new prospect that they will appreciate, and will help urge the prospect to purchase at a discounted amount.
3 key elements of couponing:

Providing distributors with a coupon code they share with potential customers.
Offering your customers a coupon code that they can share with others and in return get a reward
Automatically inject coupon codes into other elements of your 3-part selling system, such as follow-ups. As an example, if a distributor gets a lead to take your quiz, send an email thanking the lead and include a $5 discount coupon along with product information and their unique results.


Once a customer has had the chance to try your product, the next step is to start an automatic follow-up communication with the customer, and to have the distributor talk about your subscribe and save program. We have created a system to trigger automatic reminders to the distributor to make this step easy for them and to help them manage their time most efficiently.

By making these steps almost effortless, your distributors are more likely to follow up with customers and prospects, which leads to an increase in the subscribe and save success rate.

Implement Your Selling System

While all three components of your 3-part selling system should work together for maximum success, they also can be utilized on their own to generate sales.

What should be your 3-part selling system for delivering 10x growth? Ask Krato for help.

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