Afrigetics Launches Mobile Training Platform

Afrigetics, a leading exporter of Southern African medicinal herbs has recently made the move into the Direct Selling industry. Partnering with NetReady for their back office needs, the next step was finding a partner in the mobile space that could provide them with custom integrations and functionality.

Enter Krato. 

“Taking on the Afrigetics project was a fun and exciting challenge. Working with international clients has always been a key focus for us at Krato. We have the expertise and software to launch a mobile application into any country, in any language, within 30 days.” Said Matt Lind, CEO of Krato. 

Afrigetics offers a unique set of botanical products to their distributors and customers alike, and with their powerful blend of ingredients and the science to back it, it was important to put that knowledge directly into their fields hands. This allows them to train and understand the product, as well as market and grow their business. With key KPI dashboards, distributors are able to know exactly what is going on in their business, take the next step provided and continue to see growth. 

Lind stated, “We enjoyed working with NetReady and completing a full integration into their backoffice platform. We can now offer amazing dashboards, rank advancement, shopping experiences and more through our mobile experience.”

About Krato

Krato, Inc. was launched in 2016 by Brian Palmer and Matthew Lind in order to help direct-sales companies onboard, train, and grow their distributors’ businesses. An official supplier for the DSA, Krato has partnered with over 70 companies to develop tailored solutions for their businesses. Through data-driven analytics, unique onboarding methodologies, and continued training and marketing, Krato is at the forefront of the mobile-app industry. Learn more at

About Afrigetics

Afrigetics is a leading exporter of Southern African medicinal herbs. In 2020, they launched into the Direct Selling industry offering their unique products and opportunity to distributors around the world. Based in South Africa, Afrigetics is committed to combining twentieth-century innovation with ancient African indigenous knowledge. Our products are backed-by-science, Afrigetics has research partnerships with a number of South African universities. Learn more at


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