Color Street Launches New Mobile App

Krato, Inc. and Color Street are happy to announce the launch of the new Color Street Stylist mobile app. This custom mobile application was created to help Stylists onboard, train, market, and grow their business. Color Street has seen exponential growth in the past few years, so creating and streamlining a simple process for Stylists was a priority. 

As soon as someone becomes a Stylist, they receive instant access to the Color Street Stylist app to begin the onboarding process using a series of training videos, quizzes, and other digital tools. As Stylists continue their personal journey, they can utilize text messaging, emails, and social marketing to drive sales to their customers as they establish their business. Using the latest data-driven analytics, the Color Street Stylist app provides Stylists with tasks and actions based on real-time data, giving them the best chance of success.

Having worked with the Color Street executive team closely, we have created an application that not only allows Stylists to on-board in an efficient manner but also to continue to grow their business daily. Using real-time data, Stylists receive notifications and actions to complete and help increase their sales and continue to grow their personal business,” said Matt Lind, CEO of Krato.


About Color Street

Founder and CEO, Fa Park, came up with the idea for a nail polish strip made of 100% real polish in 1984. After decades of research and development, Mr. Park received a patent for his product and introduced it to the world. Color Street is one of the top leaders in the beauty industry, and its products are made in the USA. Mr. Park dreamed of creating a party-plan division for Color Street to help showcase the amazing product to millions of people. Today, Color Street is not only a leader in the beauty industry but also in the direct selling industry.

About Krato

Krato, Inc. was launched in 2016 by Brian Palmer and Matthew Lind in order to help direct-sales companies onboard, train, and grow their distributorsbusinesses. An official supplier for the DSA, Krato has partnered with over 50 companies to develop tailored solutions for their businesses. Through data-driven analytics, unique onboarding methodologies, and continued training and marketing, Krato is at the forefront of the mobile-app industry.

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