EverBright Media Launches New App for Ambassadors

Krato is thrilled to announce their partnership with EverBright Media. EverBright Media’s mission is to teach kids differently. With products that aim to give children a visual learning experience like none other by bringing the subject material to life through entertaining films.

Utilizing their field of Ambassadors and Advocates, EverBright looks to change the future for young children throughout America. Krato shares a similar vision, wanting to improve the businesses of entrepreneurs all over the World, using educational materials and video to train. With both companies sharing a vision for content development and distribution for the betterment of people’s lives, a partnership was naturally fitting.

In partnering with Krato, EverBright Media will deploy their direct selling mobile app to their Ambassadors and Advocates. EverBright believes that Krato’s app is perfect for their community because of both companies’ focus on empowerment. EverBright Media aims to empower young children to learn about our country’s history, as well as how to manage finances from an early age.

Krato’s direct selling mobile app has helped many entrepreneurs grow their business because of the ease with which direct selling companies can train and continually engage their distributors. EverBright believes that with Krato’s app, their Ambassadors will be even more empowered to share knowledge with our future leaders of America.

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