FeelSecur Science + Water launches a new mobile application

FeelSecur Science + Water has launched a new app for their distributors, using the direct sales mobile app Krato. They chose Krato for their brand because it offers a convenient approach to offering a mobile app, making it easy to onboard new distributors and engage existing ones. Krato is a specialized app that works exclusively with companies in the direct selling industry, making it the ideal choice for FeelSecur Science + Water. Using Krato, the brand is able to onboard new distributors in a more systematic and scalable way.

The new FeelSecur Science + Water mobile application will help the brand to onboard new distributors more efficiently. The app also makes it easier to engage distributors and help them to get more from choosing the brand. The app has been tailored to provide the best user experience to distributors, making it easy to share branded content and to communicate with FeelSecur through email and text messaging.

About FeelSecur Science + Water

FeelSecur Science + Water sells dietary supplements that are designed to rid the body of acidity. Their products offer a concentrated version of H1O that can be ingested, as well as a topical version. The aim of these solutions is to replace toxins in the form of excess hydrogen with water. The liquid additive can be added to drinks to provide benefits such as increasing detoxification, decreased inflammation, and increased energy. The topical H1O Gel also offers excellent wellness benefits, helping to restore harmony to the body.


About Krato 

Krato, Inc was launched in 2016 by Brian Palmer and Matthew Lind in order to help companies in the direct selling space onboard, train and grow the businesses of their distributors. An official supplier for the DSA, Krato has partnered with over 70 companies in the space to custom develop solutions tailored for their business. Using the latest in data-driven analytics, onboarding methodologies, continued training and marketing, Krato has become a leader in the mobile app space for direct sellers.

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