‘Journey,’ a Mobile App Designed to Bring that Elusive Motivation and Fun Back into Direct Selling

An App that Gamifies the Experience of Distributors in Direct Selling, in Order to Keep them Engaged and Nudge Them Towards Success

SCOTTSDALE, AZ – August 17th, 2016 – As our world becomes more connected and our attention spans shorter, the direct selling industry needs to make massive changes to keep their distributors engaged. As distributors are the heart of the industry, without their motivation, direct selling empires would crumble to the ground. Krato.com offers a simple solution to this emerging problem in the form of an app—called Journey—which creates a linear game out of the complexities of a salesperson’s everyday work life.

Journey cuts a distributor’s overwhelming long-term quest into small, bite-sized pieces and immediately reachable goals, allowing them to move forward with the confidence that they are making progress with every step. It serves as a sort of “augmented reality” that puts the distributor’s objectives into a more manageable context.

The direct selling industry generates billions of dollars in sales every year, and it is constantly growing.
However, it is also very volatile, and many business owners find themselves plagued with extremely high turn-over rates and low morale on the part of their distributors. Members of their sales teams will often lose interest in only the first few months on board, when the learning curve is at its steepest. This can make progress extremely costly, as the need to constantly train new distributors to replace the ones who drop out can be taxing.

Journey will help the owners of direct selling businesses to raise their distributor retention and thus raise their sales volume. It allows them to modify distributor behavior subtly and motivate them to learn new skills that will help them grow personally and professionally. It does this using well-studied psychological principles to influence distributors’ actions and guide them throughout the rough beginnings of their direct selling career when they are more likely to quit. Journey takes the huge amount of information that a distributor normally must deal with on a daily basis and breaks it down into manageable tasks, and it can serve as an invaluable tool for any direct selling business.

This app is also “white label” in that it allows clients to customize it with their own logos and brand colors, so that the distributor only sees references to their partner company when they use Journey. It is available on both iOS and Android devices.

Here’s a video about the Krato’s Journey App

About Krato
Krato.com is an organization that offers services—such as Journey, Clarify Analytics, and Customer Development—to companies in the direct selling industry. Their goal is to offer technological improvements in many areas of direct selling and to help the industry move forward into a mobile future. Their tools help business owners unlock the full potential of their direct selling ventures by leverage modern mobile technology. For more information on Krato and what they do, visit Krato.com.

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