Krato Achieves A New Milestone In The Direct Selling Industry

Krato is thrilled to be recognized as the number two app provider by Social Selling News – a new milestone in the direct selling industry and an incredible start to 2021. Its a wonderful achievement for the enterprise, founded by Brian Palmer and Matt Lind.

Each month, Social Selling News compiles its list of companies that provide services to the direct selling industry in different sectors, titled The Rank. In January 2021, The Rank focused on mobile development companies and the Krato mobile app was number two on the list, a testament to the hard work of the company to develop an app that gives its users what they need to succeed.

Developed based on more than 25 years’ experience in the direct selling industry, Krato provides a mobile platform that uses gamification to influence distributor behavior, with a focus on training, development and growth that drives results and recently, after months of testing and development they rolled out a sampling system which is showing early success. Maintaining interest and engagement with distributors is one of the biggest challenges faced by the industry, but Krato succeeds in providing a valuable and unique experience that keeps distributors on board.

Working with many well-known clients including Color Street, MIG Living, and Theorem Method, the Krato mobile app is a tool that works, and this latest achievement helps to cement the companys status as a force to be reckoned with. 

For more information, please contact Matt Lind at or call 336-395-4947. Further details are available at

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