Krato Announces the 2nd Generation of the Journey Mobile App at the DSA Sales and Marketing Conference

Krato’s Distributor-Centric App Evolves Into Its 2nd Generation
SCOTTSDALE, AZ – On November 30th, 2016 – Krato’s mobile technology continues to take the Direct Sales industry by storm.

What started out as a vision to painlessly change distributor behaviors through clever psychological triggers has turned into an industry movement.

The Journey app is a revolutionary experiment in gamification, whose aim is to make the overwhelming task of building a business simple and straight-forward for distributors. It takes the guesswork out of direct selling and demystifies the journey from total newbie to successful entrepreneur by turning long-term goals into bite-sized actions. It eliminates paralysis and procrastination by making selling obvious and fun.

Building off their incredible early success, Krato has announced the release of their 2nd generation of the Journey Mobile App. The new release contains a smoother user interface with a more modern design and a focus on ease of use. The company also released its new Intelligent Communication toolset that greatly boosts distributors’ prospecting efforts and makes it much easier to keep their clients engaged.

“The Journey app has proven to drive revenue and profitability for our customers. Now, the 2nd Generation of the Journey App allows our customers to take it a step further with the new interface and Intelligent Communications toolset,” Says Krato CEO Brian Palmer.

The direct selling industry is a vast sector that sees consistent growth every year and is responsible for the enrichment of millions of sales people. Krato’s Journey was built to serve these brave entrepreneurs. With this mobile app, distributors can more easily stay the course, reach their goals, and engage with their customers. Journey is available on both iOS and Android devices.

About Krato is an organization that offers services—such as Journey, Clarify Analytics, and Custom Development—to companies in the direct selling industry. Their goal is to offer technological improvements in direct selling and to help the industry move forward into a mobile future. Krato’s tools help business owners unlock the full potential of their direct selling ventures by leveraging modern mobile technology and turning their salespeople’s tasks into engaging games. For more information on Krato and what they do, visit


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