Krato announces Journey Mobile App Version 3

With enhancements for all customers

We are excited to formally announce Version 3 of the Journey Mobile App with new features that came directly from customer feedback. Look for even more exciting functionality with version 4 coming this summer.


The biggest improvement is the overall speed of the application. User interactions are now immediately greeted with a visual confirmation. The visual confirmation with drastically improved load times make the entire app feel a lot more snappier.


Our badges page has been improved. You can now see how often you have won a badge and also see which badges are still up for grabs. Earned badges can be shared to Facebook as well. The ability to share adds more value to earning a badge as users can now brag about the badges they have earned.

Journey Pages

Journey Pages can be seen as blank canvases within the app. You determine what the content of a page is. We give you the tools, similar to word processing software, to fill the canvas in with whatever content you want. Common use cases are flexible recognition pages, contact info, FAQs and much more.

Landing pages

Normally when a user would log into the app they would be shown the Task overview page. You can now control what is shown when a user opens up the app. This can be either a Journey app section (such as tasks) or Journey pages. The top logo of your app serves as a quick link back to the landing page after a user is logged in.


Email and Text message tasks

We made it much harder to “cheat” in the Email and Text tasks. The user is now required to actually send the message, either through email or text, before the task is marked as completed.

Unavailable tasks

Sometimes a task is unavailable. Tasks become unavailable when they are completed or when they cannot be done again within a certain time period. To give a sense of accomplishment for completing tasks, we have added grayed out tasks at the bottom of the task list that are either time constrained or completed. Tasks that are time constrained come with a timer that show when they will be available again.

Multiple Notifications

We can now display multiple notifications at the same time. An example could be when a user finishes a task, levels up to the next level, earns a badge and earns new spins. Normally the notifications would overwrite each other, but in this version we show a Next and Previous button that allows a user to navigate through the new notifications.

We will continue working on creating a better mobile app for direct sales companies.

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