Krato Growth + Partner Awards

Krato, a leading mobile app provider in the Direct Selling space, has spent the past 12 months releasing new functionalities for their mobile applications and partners. CEO, Matt Lind states, “When the pandemic hit, we saw an opportunity to double down on our technology and build new features and functionalities. We spent countless hours working with our clients to find out what they needed, what their distributors wanted and how we could leverage technology to achieve those goals.”

In 2020, Krato released their sampling component allowing for distributors to send samples to prospects and leads, thus helping to facilitate a deeper conversation and higher close rate. Another improvement they implemented came from a client that wanted to add follow ups to its distributors calendars. They worked hand in hand with their partner, Color Street, to introduce this new operation that automatically adds reminders on a distributor’s calendar based on specific data. For example, if a customer purchases a product from a distributor, they add a reminder on the distributor’s calendar to follow up with that customer 7 days after the sale to ensure they received their order and are enjoying their product.

Color Streets CEO, Fa Park, recently said, “Anything we choose to develop, anything we create on our marketing side, we then develop the technology and engineering behind it.” With Krato’s cutting edge technology, Color Street was able to bring their vision alive. New advances such as those developed by Krato have shifted the way distributors and direct selling companies run their evolving businesses.

Color Street recently won the Direct Selling News Bravo Percentage of Growth Award for their amazing growth over the past 12 months. We would like to congratulate Color Street on their fantastic 2020 and their Bravo Percentage of Growth Award!

About Color Street
Founder and CEO, Fa Park, came up with the idea for a nail polish strip made of 100% real polish in 1984. After decades of research and development, Mr. Park received a patent for his product and introduced it to the world. Color Street is one of the top leaders in the beauty industry, and its products are made in the USA. Mr. Park dreamed of creating a party-plan division for Color Street to help showcase the amazing product to millions of people. Today, Color Street ( is not only a leader in the beauty industry but also in the direct selling industry.

About Krato
Krato, Inc. ( was launched in 2016 by Brian Palmer and Matthew Lind in order to help direct-sales companies onboard, train, and grow their distributors’ businesses. An official supplier for the DSA, Krato has partnered with over 50 companies to develop tailored solutions for their businesses. Through data-driven analytics, unique onboarding methodologies, and continued training and marketing, Krato is at the forefront of the mobile-app industry.

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