One of The Biggest Distributors’ Complaints Finally Solved – KRATO RELEASES INSIGHTS 2.0 for Direct Selling Companies

Krato, Inc has released a new feature based on distributor and corporate feedback.

With Insights 2.0, direct selling companies are now able to send actionable updates to distributors based off real data.

The Insights processor pulls data such as volume, sales, team members, new ranks, etc., directly from the company’s database, giving fundamental metrics every distributor needs to know to run a business efficiently.

By taking data and processing it, Insights gives us the freedom to process new triggers, dashboards and feeds.

Triggers such as:

  • Notify upline before team member is near rank advancing.
  • Notify distributor when he’s away of X amount of points of reaching next level.
  • Notify distributors when a sale happened.
  • Notify upline if team member is in risk of attrition.
  • Notify distributor when reaching a new position.

Dashboards can now be configured using this data to show distributors when someone on their team is $50 away from being Active on the month. Once notified using our push notification technology, a distributor has the ability to act on that trigger instantly. Someone on your team is $50 away from being Active, send them a message of support. They may not even know how close they are!

Insights 2.0 by Krato, is helping direct selling companies and distributors to become more efficient in the way they run their business with the power of technology. t

One of the biggest complaint distributors had was their ability to obtain data that matter, with Insights 2.0 by Krato no more running reports and searching your entire team for data. Be notified with real-time triggers based on any metric you can imagine.

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