Krato Set to Attend the DSA Annual Meeting 2017 in Orlando, Florida

Will you join us in the beautiful city of Orlando as we share our exciting innovations this June?

Krato is bringing the latest, cutting-edge ideas in direct selling tech to the DSA annual conference. You can find the team at Booth #110 (, where we will be showcasing the newest version of the Journey Mobile App and much more.

You may already recognize Journey as one of the most powerful and engaging gamification systems in the direct selling industry, but this year we are taking it a step further and announcing new tools that will launch our partners into the future.

Krato was the first to bring the direct selling industry a true gamification and retention tool. We took advantage of mobile technology to keep distributors glued to their mission of moving product and recruiting new members.

Artificial Intelligence For Direct Sales Industry

Now we are innovating again by being the first to bring Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) to the direct sales industry! Learn how our advanced A.I. can be used to provide customer service, personalized shopping and grow revenue through smart lead generation.

Come by and ask about what we can do to make your business a success! Our simple-to-use applications can make common issues seem suddenly easy. We can help you with:

Distributor Retention. Our app Journey is built especially to hold a distributor’s interest over the long-term. Increasing engagement is the key to retention.
Social Media Impact. These days, companies need to exploit social media or they will be left behind. Our software makes keeping up with your audience easy and organized.
Smart Communication. We use A.I. and other technology to make communication more efficient and user-friendly. You can automate text messages, send reminders to distributors, and more.
Lead Generation. Sifting through junk leads is one of the biggest time-wasters in this industry. Allow artificial intelligence to do the heavy-lifting for you and find the diamonds in the rough—the distributors and customers who will actually be excited about your products.

For demonstrations of this innovative technology and more, visit us at the Krato booth (#110) June 4th to the 6th at the DSA Annual Meeting!

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