MIG Living blasts off in direct selling with over $1M in sales in the first week

There are few direct selling companies that have done one million dollars in sales in their first week. There are even less companies that have done so while a COVID-19 pandemic and a lockdown were in full effect, but there’s one that overcame the odds. MIG Living launched one of the most successful direct selling launches in 2020, doing over $1M in their first week.

MIG Living was founded by a farmgirl, Jaime Cross, whose drive to find purpose brought her to a place of discovery. After nine long years of perfecting her products and building a passionate following, Jaime decided to convert her MIG Living brand into a direct selling company and do a full relaunch.

The MIG leadership team selected ThinkBoxHQ (thinkboxhq.com) to project manage their technology conversion and integrate their existing E-commerce tools such as intelligent email automation and conversion tracking. ThinkBoxHQ was able to make it a breeze, from general IT and back office system setup with Exigo all the way to compensation plan testing, web code development, and the setup and management of necessary 3rd party solutions concerning sales taxes and Ambassador payouts. With over 16 successful direct selling launches completed, ThinkBoxHQ already had quality resources ready to go.

The next step was to select an Ambassador mobile app provider. The team selected Krato (krato.com) to build a new one-of-a-kind Ambassador app and a lead-generating customer app. Krato said they “couldn’t be more excited to partner with MIG Living as they scale up their business. Their new customer app will be a first in the industry.” The MIG Living App is a custom mobile app that was created to help Ambassadors onboard, train, market, and grow their business. Single Sign On (SSO) into the back office and business dashboards came right out of the box.

With these worthwhile investments in people and products, MIG Living is changing the direct selling industry and leading a True Beauty movement that is changing the way people do Good Living.

About Krato

Krato, Inc. was launched in 2016 by Brian Palmer and Matthew Lind in order to help direct sales companies onboard, train, and grow their distributors’ businesses. An official supplier for the DSA, Krato has partnered with over 70 companies to develop tailored solutions for their businesses. Through data-driven analytics, unique onboarding methodologies, and continued training and marketing, Krato is at the forefront of the mobile app industry.

About MIG

At MIG, our passion for living drives us to the great outdoors. Nature doesn’t just provide us with ingredients; it’s our inspiration and a source of infinite wonder. Driven by our ceaseless curiosity for what the world has to offer, we are not content to stay in comfortable spaces but actively seek out nature’s adventures. We find joy in our restorative products not because they are an end to themselves but because they fuel the confidence to passionately pursue a full life.

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