Neogenics and Krato Partner To Bring Innovative Tech Solutions To Field Members

Scottsdale, AZ — Furthering its dedication to becoming an innovator in the direct sales industry, Neogenics ( is pleased to announce its new strategic partnership with Krato, the premier mobile application provider in the industry.

Kevin Early, CEO of Neogenics says, “This partnership expands beyond the new Neogenics mobile application. Our goal is to continue innovating with unique technology and features to help our distributors grow in their everyday lives. Wealth means different things for different people. Whether earning money, becoming part of a team, losing weight or running a marathon. We want our team to hit all of their goals”

Krato and Neogenics began working together in late 2018 after a meeting between both companies’ founders.

“When we met with Kevin and team in Las Vegas, we had instant chemistry. The ideas Kevin shared that he wanted to his distributors and customers were some of the exact things we were in the process of developing. Kevin became a strategic partner instantly by providing feedback on new features and functionality that we will be releasing soon”, says Brian Palmer, Chairman of the Board for Krato.

Neogenics launched March 1st with a unique line of health products for all types of individuals. Whether you are looking to lose weight, or need a boost in your life, products such as NeoTrim, NeoBrain and NeoTest are there to help you on your journey. CEO Kevin Early has made it his mission to help changes the lives of as many people as possible with not only these amazing products, but education, training and motivation through the Neogenics App.


Neogenics ( was created by visionary and CEO, Kevin Early. Kevin didn’t need to launch another business having already been blessed with ample success and security for the rest of his life. However, Kevin has a passion for helping people change their lives. With a unique line of health and wellness products, Kevin says, “If we can help a few or even just one person, his mission is fulfilled.”

Krato ( is the premier provider of mobile applications for the direct sales space. Having launched 8 clients in Q1 of 2019, they now provide mobile and tech solutions for 40+ of the top direct sales companies in the industry.

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