A New Direct Selling Event for Direct Selling Owners and Executives

Direct selling is changing faster than ever. What was working exceptionally well in the past, is not as productive today.

In the following 5 years the industry will evolve drastically.

For this reason, Krato and Hyperwallet have joined forces to launch a new direct selling event (DSFUEL) to assist direct selling owners and executives on how to stay ahead of the curve.

What is the Direct Selling Fuel?

It is a breakfast meeting where Direct Selling Executives join once every six months to share and listen ideas of what’s working in Direct Selling Now.

The first event is set to happen on March 13, 2018 in the beautiful Salt Lake City, Utah.

Cara Brook will be one of the presenters, she’s the owner of a successful Direct Selling Company reaching millennials in very unique way and she will talk exactly on how to do that. Most companies are missing out on the power of social media and millennials.

If you are a Direct Selling Owner an Executive you can’t miss this event. Limited seating available.

Reserve your space now in following page: http://krato.com/dsfuel

About Hyperwallet
Is a platform with frictionless payout technology that supports mass payouts across the globe, giving you immediate access to new markets and new opportunities. Whether you pay earnings, commissions, or royalties, they help you scale to pay the planet.
For more information on Hyperwallet and what they have to offer, visit http://hyperwallet.com

About Krato
Krato is an organization that offers innovative mobile solutions to direct selling companies. Their vision is to bring direct selling to a new level of advanced mobile technology. Not only do Krato’s tools help keep distributors on task; they help boost revenue by increasing customer engagement.
For more information on Krato and what they have to offer, visit http://krato.com/

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