The New Innovative Poetic Xchange Mobile App Changes the Way Distributors Succeed

Krato’s App Helps Keep Poetic Xchange Distributors on Track with a step-by-step journey.

SCOTTSDALE, AZ – March 14th, 2017 – Founders and sisters Patti and Lizanne have always been willing to explore new possibilities together. From building their first jewelry company 15 years ago to becoming leaders in the direct sales industry with their unique, personalized jewelry business model—they’ve always set out on adventures together.

How did they get to where they are today? They dedicated themselves to the idea of creating beautiful, meaningful, long-lasting, and well-designed products with an aim to do the right thing. They wanted to employ sustainable manufacturing practices, treat their employees with dignity and respect, and refuse to compromise on quality—and that’s what they did.

With success come challenges

One of the biggest challenges presented to Poetic Xchange was that of on-boarding new distributors—called Luminaries—into the company. With such a unique philosophy towards business and jewelry, the sales teams were in need of coaching and support to help articulate the company’s mission and explain how their products could be completely personalized to each individual.

poetic xchange

Poetic Xchange

They found that existing communication software simply didn’t give their Luminaries tools to conduct their business in a productive, yet “fun” manner. In search of a better way for Luminaries to interact with the company and customers, Poetic Xchange found Krato, and together they created the new Poetic Xchange App. It engages the Luminaries with coaching, sales tools, social media assets, and relevant messaging. As the Luminaries use the mobile app, they receive rewards and recognition for their participation. This “gamification” of the Luminary experience helps break down every task into manageable steps, and it makes running a business fun.

Brian Palmer, CEO at Krato commented, “The Krato team was excited to work with this forward thinking company with a truly unique, customizable jewelry line. Seeing the incredible results from Poetic Xchange’s team was really rewarding for our design team.”

“At Poetic Xchange, we were in search of a better way to support our Luminaries’ dreams of building their own businesses. We found many of them would get overwhelmed with the all the training, communication, and assets we made available to them. Now, with the new Poetic Xchange mobile app, we have a tool that all Luminaries can easily follow to enrich their business,” says Poetic Xchange CEO Patti.

One of the best industries to be in right now is the direct selling industry. As well-networked entrepreneurs sign up as distributors, many direct selling companies are seeing soaring profits. As a whole, the industry generates billions per year. The Poetic Xchange App, powered by Krato’s Journey, represents some of the most advanced technology in this growing industry. Journey runs on both iOS and Android.

About Poetic Xchange
Poetic Xchange is an ever-evolving community of Poetic People, a place to inspire each other and celebrate our lives through heartfelt jewelry exchanges. It’s an entrepreneurial vehicle for women who want to transform themselves, experience abundance, prosperity, personal growth, and work in an environment where they feel empowered, supported, and part of a growing sisterhood. Find out more at

About Krato is an organization that offers services—such as Journey, Clarify Analytics, and Custom Development—to companies in the direct selling industry. Their goal is to offer technological improvements in direct selling and to help the industry move forward into a mobile future. Krato’s tools help business owners unlock the full potential of their direct selling ventures by leveraging modern mobile technology and turning their salespeople’s tasks into engaging games. For more information on Krato and what they do, visit

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