New Jordan Essentials Mobile App Prepares Distributors on Their Journey

Jordan Essentials launches cutting-edge direct selling app to their consultants

SCOTTSDALE, AZ – March 6th, 2018 – When Nancy’s children were tiny—and the budget was even tinier—she wanted to make life a little easier for her growing family.

Inspired by the solid perfume bars her grandmother once made, she decided to try something totally new, something she had a hunch other moms would fall in love with, too. So she cooked up her first batch of lotion bars in her kitchen.

She called her little endeavor Country Bunny, set up her first craft show, and sold out in two hours. Demand was so high; Nancy went from craft shows to launching her own direct sales company within her first year.

Since that day in her kitchen in 1997, Nancy has added more products, from soothing Magnesium Lotion to essential oils and high-quality face care. She has updated the company name, with a nod to the healing spirit of the Jordan River and the wholesome, essential elements of the Earth.

Growing too fast has its own challenges and Jordan Essentials was not the exception. The Jordan Essentials team focused on technology to create an efficient process and contacted the Krato team to implement a new onboard process to keep consultants on track but at the same time help them increase sales.

With their new app, Jordan Essentials converted big tasks into digestible, bit-sized tasks, putting their consultants on a road to success. These tasks include training videos, quizzes, social media posts, and the ability to reach out directly to customers.

The direct selling industry is a huge, profitable sector that brings in billions of dollars of revenue per year. Using the power of mobile apps, companies can raise their sales volumes by a significant margin and educate their distributors more easily than ever before.

About Jordan Essentials

Jordan Essentials is a direct selling company who makes healthy skincare products that the entire family could safely use. They are a natural skincare provider who strives for healthier cosmetic products for families.

About Krato is an organization that offers innovative mobile solutions to direct selling companies, with their Journey and custom developed software. Their vision is to bring direct selling to a new level with advanced mobile technology. Not only do Krato’s tools help keep distributors on task, they help boost revenue by increasing customer engagement. For more information on Krato and what they have to offer, visit

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