Theorem Method Launches Mobile App

Theorem Method is growing exponentially and recognizes the need for new and advanced technology solutions. Since 850 new Hair Specialists have joined in less than three months, Theorem Method decided to launch their own mobile app to help with onboarding and education.

The Theorem app will allow Hair Specialists to replicate activities from their Top Producers and follow these best practices in pursuit of their personal success .

Custom features include data-integrated triggers to notify Specialists when they are close to rank advancing and data about their downline to help them manage their team. This includes custom genealogy views, dashboards, and the launch of a new sample system . In addition, the sample system is an easy way to gain more customers, as Specialists will be able to send travel-size samples of their best-selling hair mask to potential customers.

Becoming a Theorem Hair Specialist

Theorem Hair Specialists are home-based business owners who love these amazing hair care products and want to promote them and build a team while also earning a commission. As a Specialist, you are able to set your own hours. You are your own boss, and you have the flexibility to take a three-hour lunch or work from wherever you want.

About Theorem Method

Theorem Method is a direct selling company that specializes in producing and developing its own line of high-end, bespoke hair care products. Theorem was developed by a brilliant team of scientists and designers with 75 years’ combined experience developing best-selling products, and they have sold over a billion dollars in revenue worldwide.

Disappointed with product offering, they designed phenomenal formulas and packaging that finally met their standards. They started sharing them with friends and family, and they became so popular that they had to start full-scale production.

They pride themselves in the simplicity of their business model. They formulate, test, package, market, and manufacture their products under one wholesome, family-owned roof. By taking control of every part of the business, they can provide increased transparency and a more effective product for an accessible price .

Not only can they transform fine, tired hair into beautiful, thick locks; they also ensure their products are supported by science. Their three-dimensional solution to achieve thicker hair from root to tip is revolutionary!

About Krato

Krato, Inc. was launched in 2016 by Brian Palmer, Matthew Lind, and Omar Alcaraz to help direct-sales companies onboard, train, and grow their distributors’ businesses. An official supplier for the DSA, Krato has partnered with over 50 companies, including Theorem Method, to develop tailored solutions for their businesses. Through data-driven analytics, unique onboarding methodologies, and continued training and marketing, Krato is at the forefront of the mobile-app industry.

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