Inspirational Party Plan Company “Trades of Hope” Announces New Mobile App to support Compassionate Entrepreneurs

The Trades of Hope app, powered by Krato, Gamifies the Distributor Experience for Compassionate Entrepreneurs

SCOTTSDALE, AZ – January 12th, 2017 – Poverty is a bitter reality for many women around the world, and often not because they lack ambition, but simply because they have been born into a situation with few options. Trades of Hope was created to burst open the doors of opportunity for the women who need it, and to allow them to make the most of their natural skills and talents—and best of all, to give them hope!

Trades of Hope first began selling their products using the tried-and-true home party model, which saw wild success thanks to the drive of their team of distributors, known as Compassionate Entrepreneurs. However, every enterprise that goes through growth must also go through change, and they realized quickly that they needed a solution for organizing social media and communications, as well as handling distributor training and monitoring engagement in the simplest way possible.

Trades of Hope Direct Selling Company
Enter Krato and the Journey mobile application. This easy-to-use mobile platform harnesses well-researched knowledge about the human psyche and puts it in the service of the greater good. With Journey, previously daunting tasks that may have caused distributors to procrastinate on their mission are broken down into digestible challenges that are quickly rewarded. Journey’s unique ability to turn a business into a game-like adventure caught the attention of Trades of Hope, and a partnership with a higher purpose was born.

The new Trades of Hope app, powered by Krato’s Journey, can now make the steps towards success clear and obvious for Compassionate Entrepreneurs. That way, a responsible business that helps others can be more than just a job—it can be fun.

“Our sales leaders and field at large were overwhelmed with excitement when we launched the app at our Inspire conference. This mobile app has the potential to revolutionize their businesses,” says Trades of Hope’s Jeremy Cundiff, Director of Operations.

Brian Palmer, CEO at Krato remarked, “The Krato team was honored to be selected by a company with such an important mission. We’re excited to be a part of the growth of Trades of Hope and inspire as many Compassionate Entrepreneurs as possible.”

Trades of Hope, though unique in its higher calling, is yet another example of the huge success of the direct selling industry, which generates billions per year in revenue. Krato aspires to be at the service of great companies like Trades of Hope and hopes to increase both profits and end-user satisfaction.

About Trades of Hope
Trades of Hope Compassionate Entrepreneurs (CEs) create a thriving marketplace for products made by talented artisans. This ignites a cycle of sustainable business that displaces and ends the cycle of poverty. By earning a commission off their sales, CEs have the opportunity to help people around the world while having their own flexible and purposeful business, while earning an income that benefits their family, too. To learn more, visit

About Krato is an organization that offers services—such as Journey, Clarify Analytics, and Custom Development—to companies in the direct selling industry. Their goal is to offer technological improvements in direct selling and to help the industry move forward into a mobile future. Krato’s tools help business owners unlock the full potential of their direct selling ventures by leveraging modern mobile technology and turning their salespeople’s tasks into engaging games. For more information on Krato and what they do, visit


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