Krato and Xpirient Announces Mobile Partnership

Krato, Inc and Xpirient are pleased to announce the successful launch of a premier mobile experience for their field. Xpirient is a private invitation-only club made up of like-minded people, who wants to get the most and give the most in life.

Xpirient acts as a mentor, a powerful connected friend, and a buying club all rolled into one.

Matt Lind, co-founder and COO of Krato said,

“As Xpirient leads the charge to help people get the most out of life, we at Krato have the same core belief when it comes to helping distributors get the most out of their business. We offer tools to help distributors grow their business and become a successful entrepreneur. The passion we share for helping people get the most out of their lives and business lead to a wonderful partnership.”

Xpirient members enjoy a broad portfolio of travel benefits including discounts on thousands of resorts and hotels worldwide, a collection of luxury homes, a travel concierge and much more.

Krato created a mobile application to help fulfill Xpirient’s needs in offering training and advice to both their members as well as their consultants. Consultants have the ability to learn more about the program, the fantastic compensation, as well as train and share their training with other distributors.

About Xpirient

Xpirient is the premier lifestyle company in the direct sales industry. Offering not just discounts and rewards on thousands of resorts and hotels worldwide, but also offer elite benefits such as financial advice, legal services, roadside assistance, pet services and much more. Through their mentorship program, take your finances, relationships and health to the next level with expert guidance.

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About Krato is an organization that offers innovative mobile solutions to direct selling companies, with their Journey and custom developed software. Their vision is to bring direct selling to a new level with advanced mobile technology. Not only do Krato’s tools help keep distributors on task, they also help boost revenue by increasing customer engagement.

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